Green Up Kohlrabi Purple Vienna Live Punnet

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Kohlrabi Purple in a live punnet.


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Deep purple stems an green leaves, these add a crunchy texture and a mild, sweet taste.

All Green Up Farm's crops are grown in an indoor, hydroponic vertical farm. Light, temperature and water supply are controlled, ensuring a reliable crop all year round. Vertical farming is seen as an environmentally friendly way to grow food, as it requires little land space and water, leaving more of the outdoors to nature!

Their crops are grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilisers to ensure the greens are as clean as possible and they only grow using non-GMO seeds, and organic where possible. 

Green Up microgreens are grown in a soilless, eco-friendly medium, coconut coir and they just add water. Speciality crops and edible flowers require a little help from a hydroponic nutrient solution which is supplied to the plant roots. The solution contains water, oxygen and essential mineral elements which are required by plants to grow.

Hydroponic farming use up to 95% less water than conventional growing methods and is considered a viable solution to provide food security around the globe.


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