31 Days of German Riesling

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Six of Germany's best Rieslings

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To celebrate 31 Days of German Riesling we have put together a selection of 6 of our very best, to showcase what this wonderful and often underappreciated grape and wine growing country has to offer. Ranging in styles from dry to off-dry these stunning wines come from the growing regions of the Mosel, Nahe, and the Rheingau.

Wines included: 

Hexamer Riesling Porphyr

Weingut AJ Adam Dhroner Riesling Trocken

Kloster Eberbach Estate Riesling Trocken

Bischofliche Weinguter Trier Mosel Dom Dry Riesling

Weingut AJ Adam im Pfarrgarten Riesling feinherb

Reh Kendermann Terroir Collection Riesling Kalkstein



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