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Blas ar Fwyd's Dwynwen Box.


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Santes (Saint) Dwynwen is the Welsh equivalent of St Valentine (St Dwynwen’s Day is on the 25th January).

Legend tells that Dwynwen, daughter of 5th Century Welsh king Brychan Brycheiniog, was forbidden by her father from marrying her sweetheart, Maelon Dafodrill, and so she prayed she would fall out of love with him. An angel provided a potion and Maelon turned to ice. Dwynwen was granted three wishes: she wished that Maelon be released, that, through her, all lovers were protected and that she remain unmarried. Dwynwen then retreated to Ynys Llanddwyn off the Anglesey coast to live as a hermit for the rest of her life.

Ideal for a couple, this box includes welsh cakes, jam and cream, fruit cider and gin and tonic.


Aber Falls Welsh Dry Gin 5cl bottle

Aberffraw Biscuits Traditional 180g box

Blas ar Fwyd Welsh Cakes, pack of 4

Clotted Cream 110g jar

Llanllyr Source Light Tonic 200ml bottle

Pant Du Passion Fruit Cider 500ml bottle

Pant Du Strawberry and Kiwi Cider 500ml bottle

Pendragon Drinks Milk Hot Chocolate Flakes

Pendragon White with Red Berry Chocolate Bar 100g

Snowdonia Spirit Co Love Spoon Gin 5cl


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