Sioe Masnach Blas ar Fwyd | Blas ar Fwyd Trade Show

10yb - 5yh, 19 Chwefror 2024 10am - 5pm, 19 February 2024

Barn at Brynich, Brecon, LD3 7SH

Ymunwch â ni i ddysgu am ein cynnyrch gwobrwyol a blasu ystod eang o fwydydd a gwinoedd cain. Join us to discover our award winning product ranges & sample fine food & wine.

When it comes to Welsh Food and Drink, Blas ar Fwyd are experts and we'd like to welcome you to our Blas ar Fwyd trade shows in February! 

With one in in North Wales - at beautiful Portmeirion - and one in South Wales - at The Barn at Brynich, near Brecon - we hope this will give you plenty of opportunity to attend.

They are ideal events for you to learn so much more about how Blas ar Fwyd operates and the wide and diverse range of quality Welsh products and suppliers we partner with. 

At the trade shows, you will discover new products and brands and have the opportunity to meet some of our producers and sample their products. There will also be opportunities for you to tell us about your business and its ethos, so that we can try to meet your needs and see if there are any gaps in your offering that we can help fill.

Take a look at the list of Welsh food and drink suppliers attending:

Barn at Brynich
Little Croft Chocolate, Daisy Bank Dairy, SamosaCo, Caws Cenarth, Welsh Coffee Co,
Ham Caerfyrddin, Golden Hooves, Trefaldwyn Cheese.

Beer, Wine, Spirits
White Castle Vineyard, Silver Circle Distillery, Penderyn, Dyfi Distillery and our specialist  wine import partners. 

See you at Brynich?!

To book your space, please click a link below. Or for more details, please email criw@blasarfwyd.com or ring 01492 640215.

Click here -->  Book a place at Barn at Brynich Trade Show 

10yb - 5yh, 19 Chwefror 2024 10am - 5pm, 19 February 2024
Barn at Brynich, Brecon, LD3 7SH

Sioe Fasnach Blas ar Fwyd Trade Show 19 Chwefror February 24 Brynich