Gwenyn Gruffydd, Honey 35 x 28g

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A delightful Welsh wildflower honey, minimally filtered and unpasteurised.
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Welsh Wildflower Honey which is unpasteurised, single-origin and totally Welsh. Gwenyn Gruffydd have over 100 beehives located in the stunning unspoilt Welsh countryside, producing delicious honey and support other Welsh beekeepers by sourcing additional Welsh wildflower honey from them, jarring and labelling everything by hand on their rural honey farm in West Wales. A true small family business with a passion for bees and honey. Ingredients: 100% unpasteurised honey from Welsh bees all located in Wales. The Welsh wildflower produced in Wales is of exceptional quality due to the unspoilt countryside and it comes as no surprise that the Welsh wildflower has won multiple Great Taste Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2020. The honey is multi-floral wildflower honey with excellent flavour. Nectar sources include (but not limited to) bramble, clover, dandelion, hawthorn. This honey has been taken straight from the beehive, any impurities are simply filtered and the honey is jarred with nothing added and nothing taken away. Coarse filtered, unpasteurised and unblended. As this is unprocessed honey it may set over time. Nothing added and nothing taken away. Pollen grains may be present in the honey,adding further interest.
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  • Gwenyn Gruffydd
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