Pembrokeshire Beach Food, Welshman's Caviar, 10g

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Handpicked dried and toasted laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast
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Welshman's caviar is handpicked laver seaweed from the Pembrokeshire coast which has been dried and toasted to bring out its unique depth of flavour. Over the years this has proved to be one of the most important ingredients we have in the beach shack as it brings such depth of flavour to any dish it is added too and some goodness from the sea! The toasted laver flakes are fantastic in miso soups or stir-fries as well as simply sprinkled on top of your scrambled eggs or bacon butties. Laver is a seaweed traditionally eaten in Wales usually in the form of laverbread which is simply laver seaweed which has been boiled for up to 10hrs and processed. Harvesting seaweed in Pembrokeshire goes back a long way with the first mention of it in William Camden's Britannia in 1607. A small cottage industry started at Freshwater West in the late 19th century and the iconic seaweed drying hut provides a reminder of this. Laver is now quickly gaining recognition for its wealth of vitamins and minerals as well as its unique depth of flavour. Welshman's caviar was apparently coined by Richard Burton for his love of laverbread
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