Peterston Tea, Welsh Black Tea 12g

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Welsh black tea grown in South Wales!

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Light bodied, very smooth with flavours of mixed fruit, hints of honey and  the odd touch of hazelnut which brews a 'drink all day' cup of tea. This tea, camelia sinensis var sinensis - all grown lovingly from seed really comes in to its own when brewed gong fo style. Give it a short first infusion at about 85-90C. Can easily be infused 2 or 3 times.

It takes a good few years of hard work to produce Welsh tea! Peterston grow most of their tea plants from seed which is carefully sourced from a number of different areas, ex Soviet Georgia and Ilam in Nepal to name a couple. Each seed produces a unique plant so growing in this way gives huge genetic variance and the best possible chance of establishing high quality plants that tolerate the Welsh climate. It also means the teas are as nature intended, rich in diversity of flavour & aromas, always full of character but always changing - and completely unique!!

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