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Bullion Rum Java 40% 70cl

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The world’s first Java Banana inspired Spiced Rum!


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Bullion has produced the world’s first Java Banana inspired Spiced Rum!

The Blue Java Banana is famously known for it’s sweet creamy vanilla ice cream flavour.

The ice cream banana is a product of two hybrid species known as the Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. These are classified into two groups A or B. The blue java bananas belong to the ABB group as it comprises a set of genes from the A group and two from the B group. There is more to this fruit than simply its blue peel and its resistance to cold. While the flesh of this banana is similar to other bananas in its pale yellow colour, the smooth texture has a taste that will surprise any sweet tooth with its vanilla flavours. In the Musa acuminata, a common banana tree is the Cavendish banana used for desserts, while the Musa balbisiana people use it primarily as plantains for cooking. But the ice cream banana trees come from both of these stocks and have a gooey yet rich vanilla custard taste. While you find them mainly growing in Southeast Asia, they are found in other tropical parts. The banana plant grows from a rhizomatic corm with a base extending about 18-inches into the ground to produce the root system.



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