Penderyn Siddiqui Brown Rum 40% 70cl

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Sips like whisky, parties like rum, and tastes like no other spirit.

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This is a spirit that ‘Sips like a whisky and parties like a rum’, and it tastes like no other spirit. It has a distinctive whisky-like smoky and oaky note, but it is rounded with a short finish as you’d expect from a quality rum.

Is it possible for one word or one brand of spirit to encapsulate an entire way of life?

It’s a big ask, but for tens of thousands of people who worked in the deserts of the Middle East over the last 68 years, the word ‘Siddiqui’ will conjure up images of  hot and heavy work under clear Arabian skies, and chilled evenings around the fire with the tranquil Persian Gulf ahead and star-strewn skies above.

Siddiqui – pronounced Sid-dee-key – was a way of life for the ex-pat set in the desert of the Middle East as they sought for, and extracted, oil. Part guilty secret, and part a welcome tonic, Siddiqui  gave solace to thousands of workers living in a harsh climate with a challenging environment.

Penderyn have partnered with California-based Siddiqui Rums to produce their rums outside of the USA.

2022 Spirits Business Rum Masters - Master
2021 London Spirits Competition - Silver
2021 Spirits Business Rum and Chacaca Masters – Silver

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